I'm an award-winning writer of short stories and longer fiction.

My writing explores human nature, in all its frailties and flaws. I'm also inspired by history and the natural world.

My debut collection of short stories,

The Truth Has Arms and Legs, was published by

Fly On The Wall Press in July 2023.

"These are precious things: stories written with delicacy and heart" - Wendy Erskine

"Fowler writes beautifully" - Imogen Robertson, Historical Writers' Association

Delve into a world of change and reinvention. Where relationships are as delicate as turtle eggs, and just as easily smashed.


This poignant short story collection explores pivotal moments that transform our lives, and the resilience that enables us to change and grow.

"Poignant and perfectly paced" - Eithne Farry, Daily Mail

"Alice Fowler's stories capture precise and intimate

moments of being" - Sally Bayley

"Fowler has weaved a collection of stories out of

fine, tender threads" - Vanessa Onwuemezi

"The one book you MUST buy this year" - Linda Hill,

Linda's Book Bag

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